Sacred Wednesdays

Since the middle of February my Wednesday nights have been sacred. I come home from work, have dinner, play with the cat, hang out with my fiance, clean my art space, set the alarm for 23.40 and then I go to bed really early. When the alarm rings I know that in 20 minutes a new broadcast of 21 SECRETS LIVE! will begin!
When I first read about 21 Secrets Live I loved the idea! A live broadcast with a host and an artist, with the possibility to ask questions and play along while they make art. This was extra appealing since I don’t know anyone doing art journaling in real life. However, my local time when it would be broadcasted would be at midnight so I decided not to take it. A few days later I saw that the lovely and talented Jane Davenport was giving away two spots on her blog and I left this comment:
How cool to be able to take part in live classes and ask questions in a chat! I don’t know any other artists in real life so to be able to play along as it happens would be a dream. Much love!”  Linda
And I won a space! Thank you so much Jane! I love the format of the course, it feels like I’m invited into all the lovely teachers studios to play along when they show us their way of journaling and favorite techniques. Getting up in the middle of the night takes a bit of planning but I found that I feel very creative at this time. It’s dark outside and I get cozy by my desk with a cup of tea, art supplies and a new juicy broadcast together with a bunch of people who love art journaling as much as I do!

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